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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey

Yoni Mala



The Mala Collection has come about through a series of wonderful discoveries. We found at live events that some womxn did not want to practice with the yoni egg internally, this can be common when first coming to learn of this practice. We explored the creation of the Mala as a wonderful alternative for the meditation with the yoni egg resting on the lower stomach, sacral center (and, yes, the mala is meant for externally only). A wonderful gift to wear and incredible conversation starter.
The crystals used are ethically sourced & all trades people are paid fairly. Crystals from all over the world come to be woven together on the Island of the Gods, in Bali, where they are lovingly hand-made. The Luxe Collection is made completely of 100% pure gemstones. The Light Collection is made with crystal glass that when placed in direct sunlight creates rainbows. Both collections have our Yoni Crystal securely attached so you can carry your womb wellness crystal where ever you go.