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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


We offer three rare Obsidians vs standard black Obsidian. The main difference is that these rare earth minerals bring specific energetic signatures to you and your experience when working with them. Think about the feeling one has when seeing a rainbow in nature, or when seeing a natural shimmering golden or silver light. This is the specific energetic signature the mineral Being offers. We have found that when working specifically with the womb, these rare minerals are helpful in supporting this deep work. Keep in mind, that though these definitions are helpful, will create your own connection to the crystal and it will be / express / heal what is best for you.


We offer Rainbow, Golden Sheen and Silver Sheen Obsidian. To understand Rare Obsidian minerals more read about each one individually.



A natural black volcanic glass with a stunning golden radiance that shows within it. The golden sheen is symbolic of discovering and seeing one’s own deep wisdom. We refer to this as the Shamanista Stone, being able to help one cloak their magic and keep that which is sacred safe and protected. Said to be used for removing and releasing ego. Can help to balance energy fields and be guided to spiritual alignments. Primarily associated with the root chakra.



A natural black volcanic glass with a variety of beautiful colors showing within in. The rainbow quality reminds one that in the midsts of the deep inner work, or shadow work, there is still light and love -bringing this elevated rainbow frequencies to the darkness. Best use for cleaning old energy. Can help to create enhance clairvoyance and is a great stone for love, relationships and self-development. A very protective stone as well, helping one to do clearing/shadow work with Rainbow Light. Primarily associated with the root chakra while bring pleasure and enjoyment to your life.



A natural black volcanic glass with deep silver galaxy radiance within it. This is a ‘root stone’ that will help one to remove negativity and then protect one psychically. The silver sheen resembles the galaxy, therefore drawing one into that cosmic essence within one’s self. Balancing internal Yin and Yang energies. Wonderful for crystal gazing, offering a mirror to the inner Being. Said to be helpful when journeying out of the body and so bringing the Soul back to the physical body

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