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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey

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"Yoni Crystals are a must in every woman’s life. Not simply to reverse the pandemic of weak Pelvic Floors that plague so many women, leaking energy and not feeling strong and in our power, but what I love about these specifically is the intention of supporting women in building a relationship of self-intimacy with themselves. I am moved by all the little details that go into supporting the use of these tools, it’s not focused on rules or results, it’s focused on you having and creating the experience you need, that no one else besides ourselves could know. I have two eggs and a sphere that I simply adore and have had such pleasure in sharing them as gifts with all the women who grace my group-coaching programs. Grateful a company like this has popped up in this market, they’re holding a special light.”


Luna Love, Woman of Devotion and Leadership Mentor

“Yoni Crystals are the best on the market thanks to Chelsey's extreme attention to detail when it comes to sourcing and manufacturing practices. Her yoni eggs are made from the best quality stones, which are shaped using water instead of low grade oils. This means you can rest assured your yoni egg is totally safe. Beyond her product being super high quality, she puts the most beautiful energy into the brand. Her love totally shines through when you receive your sacred yoni egg.”


Jill Pyle, founder of Goddess Provisions

"What can I say about Yoni Crystals?! There is so much to say! This company is so important. It's an example for other companies to follow. Sustainable, ethical, transparent, conscious; a clear mission and so much more-they're doing it RIGHT! Yoni crystals are about empowerment, and tuning into the importance of Self Love. This is the most crucial message right now-at this time when media and marketing tells all of us, especially young women, that we are broken, unworthy and not good enough. That we need so many "things" to be good enough. The message behind Yoni Crystals is just the opposite. I write this as I sit next to my 13 year old sister, who wears this message that she's taken in from the outside world, here in the US. She doesn't feel that she's a powerful goddess in the least! This isn't what the mainstream tells us. We need more companies like Yoni Crystals letting us know the truth, spreading the good word; giving us sacred practices to connect with ourselves and the infinite wellspring of love and abundance inside. This is what I feel when I use my beautiful yoni egg from Yoni Crystals! I feel that I am cultivating pure self-love and compassion when I use my egg and it's incredibly potent medicine. I follow Yoni Crystals on social media and seek them out when I need inspiration and use my egg, along with the meditation in the booklet I received along with it, during my daily rituals. I'm so grateful for this tool, that is affordable, accessible to all, and opens me up to infinite possibilities for exploring the yoniverse within!"


Lana Baumgartner, Co-Founder Psychedelic Times

"Yoni Crystals is such a high vibrational business. All the crystals are pure and blessed and they contain no chemicals or anything harmful, making them perfect for internal use. I trust Yoni Crystals very much and feel super safe using their crystals. I love that know where they came from and that all the people involved in the manufacturing process are honored as well as our mama earth. It is such joy that Yoni Crystals exists and now women have this crystal healing available. Healing that comes straight from the womb of the earth as an offering to our wombs. I strongly suggest that if you have issues regarding menstrual pain, sexual blocks or traumas, creativity blocks, any dis-ease in the womb or just wish to get in touch with your womb and Shakti; please get yourself a Yoni Crystal. They're such strong allies in helping you get in touch with the Divine Feminine, womb wisdom, healing the heart, cultivating self-love, creating self-pleasure, strengthening the pelvic floor and so much more. We are privileged to have Yoni Crystals."


Sofia Bonilla, Moon Priestess Facilitator & Yoga Instructor

"Yoni Crystals opens up a potent conversation for modern day women to take pride and ownership over their sexuality and sensuality. To pleasure and to love our bodies, these vessels, and encourage other women to do the same. To create a sacred sisterhood where we can share our journeys back to the self. I began my journey with a star rose quartz yoni egg. It was not only my first crystal but actually my first intimacy crystal. The star rose quartz feels like pure love, acceptance and nurturing energy that you absorb by just holding it in your hand. Imagine how that vibrates inside the place of all creation! A few months later I fell in love with the Yoni Crystals obsidian wand. I knew I had womb trauma and blockage in my second chakra from shame around an abortion I had had at a young age, this followed with years of promiscuous sex. There was healing to be done that only I could do. After blessing my wand in sacred hot springs on the California coast, I began to explore and experience deep and profound trauma realize of healing of past womb wounds. Crystals are energetic beings. Experiences with the yoni wands and yoni eggs go far beyond self pleasure. They become your friends, holding deep in them the vibratory capacity to help you on your unique journey to empowerment and self acceptance, forgiveness and uplifting your being to a vibration of love. If every women had a womb crystal the world would be a beautiful and loving place!"


Peggy Bee, Conscious Brand Consultant & Yoga Instructor

“As a practiced crystal healer, I have not seen or held any Star Rose Quartz as well loved and refined as my Yoni Crystal. It's star reflection and brilliance are unparalleled. It is clear that Yoni Crystals takes great care in both sourcing and empowering each mineral. Chelsey Lehl is the real deal. She is genuinely committed to each and every yoni being loved, liberated and enlivened with the energy of Goddess. I personally have felt very awakened by using my Yoni Crystal. If you are looking for a practice to awaken your feminine energy and clear any trauma and stagnation; I highly recommend taking on the Yoni Crystal mediation and using a yoni egg anytime you need an extra boost of sensual vitality and grounded feminine energy.”


Elizabeth Joy Guilliams, Co-Founder Crystal Camp LA



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