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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


The answers you’ll find here are informed by extensive research as well as the opinions and experiences of women on the Yoni Crystals team and YC customers. We share our personal experiences and the experiences of others because we believe that sharing the personal journey is an important aspect of educating.


We believe the Yoni Crystal practice is an intuitive practice. ONLY you have the power to know what is best for your body. We hope these FAQs help to empower you on your journey, as we have been empowered and inspired on ours. It is always recommended to consult your physician for medical advice. See here our Store Policy & Shipping.


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Every Yoni Crystal comes with a 40-page sacred guidebook that shares all the key information you’ll need. Also, an eco-friendly travel pouch that is made from organic cotton and bamboo, vegan suede, natural dye, and even Selenite crystals are infused into the ink on the pouch. If your crystal is drilled you also receive a little cleansing brush to clean inside of the hole. The box we ship in is perfect to store your Yoni Crystal in at home.

Rare Obsidians from Mexico

Star Rose Quartz, Moonstone Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz from Madagascar

Nephrite Jade from Canada

& the eco-friendly pouches come from Bali

You may visit our Yoni Crystals sizes & shape page to learn more about choosing the perfect crystal for you. Also, have a look at our blog post 'Letting Your Yoni Decide' for more insights and usages of the different crystals.

Deciding to go with drilled vs non-drilled is based solely on personal preference. One is not better than the other.

The drilled egg is designed to thread a piece of unwaxed, unflavored dental floss or silk string through it in order to explore 'retention training.' This is a practice of holding the egg inside and gently pulling on the thread using your pelvic floor muscles. Retention training helps to strengthen the pelvic floor, increase energy, heal pelvic area trauma and can help to make for longer stronger orgasms. Having a drilled and threaded yoni egg also lends to easy removal. Be certain to clean the hole thoroughly before and after each use with our handy yoni egg cleaning brush.

The non-drilled yoni egg is completely intact. This makes it easier to clean as there is no hole. However, without the hole, the types of exercises you can practice with your egg are somewhat limited. Remember there is no way for the crystal to get stuck or go ‘up’ into the body. The cervix/uterus at the end of the vaginal canal will block this from happening as it is a closed system. 

Our favorite is white silk thread. It is a beautiful natural product. Just boil it to sterilize before use. If white silk thread is not available, you may also use plain unscented, non-waxed dental floss. 

We propose that it may be a blessing in disguise. Crystals can take energy and transmute it for us so when a crystal breaks we like to say it is a gift because it means that stuck energy has moved. We often think of this as the crystal 'taking the hit' for us. If the energy moved through your crystal, that is better than in some other way like through physical injury for example.

The best thing you can do with a broken crystal is to give it back to the earth. Feel out a place that is resonant to you and your home, place an intention and ask the earth to accept this offering. You can bury the crystal somewhere special or simply place it in your garden. The gems love to go back to the earth.


ONLY our Nephrite Jade can be boiled as a method of physical cleansing. The Quartz family crystals are susceptible to thermal shock and will likely break if boiled. Therefore, you can use unscented natural soap products to clean crystal eggs. We suggest while washing, envision the crystal glowing with love & returning to its purest energetic state, as if still resting, untouched, in the earth. Imagine golden light filling & cleansing the space where you will have your Yoni Crystal practice as well. It's best to have a little bowl of water, next to you for when you complete your Yoni Crystal practice you may want to bask in the afterglow & not rush to the sink to clean the crystal, the bowl of water is there to place your crystal in. Periodically charge your crystal in solar energy by placing in direct sunlight for a few hours or a few days

To deep clean, all minerals (including Jade) create a crystal bath by mixing a 2-3 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in a bowl of water to soak crystal overnight. Also can consider using a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) in place of ACV as both of these are all-natural antibacterials. If you cleanse this way be sure to wash all ACV & GSE off of crystal before use.

The travel pouch is safe to machine wash when needed. 

In Europe and internationally there is a wonderful brand of all-natural antiseptic called "Saugella,” which is an over the counter product often prescribed to help clean and balance the female genitalia during and after pregnancy or in cases of urinary infections and imbalances in vaginal Ph. Many of our European Affiliates use Saugella as a natural way to clean Yoni Crystals for internal use—we are not affiliated with this company. Remember, your crystal will be used internally so only use products that you feel safe using with this sacred part of your body. Please always refer to a medical professional if you have any allergies or existing conditions.

You can substitute either mineral for your cleansing. Both are acceptable!


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If you are looking to try multiple minerals we offer discounted sets, like our best selling Trinity Set which includes Rose Quartz, Jade and Rainbow Obsidian. You can find the Trinity Set here.

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We are a super small team of crystal and yoni loving women here at Yoni Crystals, and at the moment we do not have the capacity to run and manage an Affiliate Links program. We love being able to connect directly with sisters, who are wanting to share this work and to serve as a real human resource for the courageous women stepping up to lead in womb wellness. For now, our priority is to make ourselves available to answer questions, share our 1:1 practitioner training, and serve our Yoni-verse community as an educational resource.


This is a very controversial topic in the yoni egg community. If you speak to anyone in the traditional Taoist lineage they will almost always tell you to use only Jade, or at least to start with Jade. At Yoni Crystals, we seek to understand and honor the lineage while also exploring womb wellness for the modern day woman. 

For us, this means implementing safe new methods and crystal types that may veer from tradition but ultimately feel more resonant to some women on their womb wellness journey. With that said, Jade is structurally 'less porous' than crystalline structures such as Rose Quartz. 2000 years ago when women did not have access to hot running water, Jade was the best stone to keep sanitary and safe for their internal use. Today, women do have access to hot running water and a wide array of organic, biodegradable soaps that can adequately cleanse more porous crystals and make them safe to use routinely. We’ve never personally experienced or heard of any infections caused by using rose quartz or obsidian internally instead of jade. Whatever the crystal you choose, always make sure to clean it before and after every use and it will be ready to use again. Many women simply are not called to the jade so we say, honor that. Tune in. Listen. Your womb holds wisdom and since its origin 2000 years ago, the yoni egg practice helps to develop connection with that wisdom.

Note: There are crystals one should never use internally (malachite, lapis, chrysocolla, etc.) as they contain toxins that are dangerous to our bodies. Yoni Crystals only offers crystals that have been proven safe for internal use. 

They are similar stones except that Star Rose Quartz has an asterism—a luminous 6-pointed star. The asterism is said to emanate a vibration that’s wonderful for healing deep emotional wounds on a quantum level. Healing at the quantum level creates a profound degree of transformation. Star Rose Quartz is a very powerful stone. It is visually similar to precious stones such as Star Sapphire, Star Ruby, Star Emerald. Our star Rose Quartz comes from Madagascar and is rare and strikingly beautiful.

The main difference between Black Obsidian and Rainbow Obsidian is that Rainbow Obsidian brings the energetic signature of the rainbow. Think about how you feel when you see a rainbow. There is a magical, mystical nature to rainbows that tends to bring out our child-like wonder and awe. When it comes to healing or doing shadow work, it is so important to bring these qualities to the healing process—to bring this elevated rainbow frequency into the darkness or the unknown.

Our Rainbow Obsidian comes from Mexico and is rare in comparison to standard Black Obsidian.

We offer other Rare Obsidians as well, such as Silver Sheen Obsidian and Gold Sheen Obsidian. You can take a closer look here. Pay attention to the energies you feel when you look at each of them. They each offer a unique vibration and will resonate with each woman in different ways.

Keep in mind, the rare versions of obsidian are still obsidian, just as the rare star rose quartz is still just rose quartz. It is important to remember that though definitions can be helpful, you will create your own connection to your chosen crystal and in doing so, the crystal will express what is best for you

There are many minerals that are referred to as Moonstone for their creamy moon-like properties both physically and energetically. There is often confusion around Moonstones because of their common colloquial name, so to clear things up…

The most common Moonstone is from the mineral adularia, but Moonstone can also refer to a type of Labradorite, often called Rainbow Moonstone.

The Moonstone Quartz we offer is called Girasol. We referring to it as Moonstone Quartz. Unlike many other stones that may be referred to as Moonstone, Girasol is a quartz crystal and completely safe for internal use. We do not offer any minerals that we believe to be toxic for internal use.

At Yoni Crystals it is our opinion that we do not sell ANY crystals that are unsafe for our sacred yoni temples. Rose Quartz can sometimes have a bad reputation because it is a more delicate stone than Jade, though she is 100% safe if used properly.

Rose Quartz is more susceptible to thermal shock. Unlike Nephrite Jade which can resist quick changes in thermal temperature—like boiling in water to clean the egg—the molecular structure of Rose Quartz is more delicate and can crack or fissure when it goes through a drastic change in temperature. When an egg has a small crack or chip, this area is more susceptible to bacteria build-up which can cause infection.

In any Yoni Egg practice, it is important to take delicate care of one's crystals and to thoroughly cleanse any place that can hold bacteria. This includes all drilled eggs, it is important to clean all drill hole areas (Jade, Rose Quartz, Obsidian ++) EACH time the egg is used. There is a convenience to Jade because it is structurally 'less porous' so you can boil the egg to disinfect it. However, other minerals that are more sensitive to thermal shock, like Rose Quartz or Obsidian, can be disinfected using other methods such as warm running water and organic soap.

Although more attention must be used for these minerals we offer them because they are POWERFUL healers. Yoni Crystals and our Partners find it 100% worth the effort as we have an incredible array of crystal options for our healing and pleasure.


Legally we can not sell to anyone under 18 (We are based in the states).

With that said, we are strong advocates of education to cultivate self-awareness and empowerment in all ages.

Pamela Maraville Samuelson is a Sex Educator who works with a wide age range and we love the way she answers this question:

“My hit is that it would be great to start around the age when young women first start becoming sexually active, whenever that is, as a tool for increasing self-awareness, and therefore sexual agency, subtle control, and an increased range of sensation. That's when I would share it with my kid.”

This is a controversial topic. We are not  OB/GYNs ourselves so we recommend getting advice from a medical professional on this if you have concerns.

We know many women who have continued their yoni egg practice throughout their pregnancy because they were called to and trusted their intuition. One woman explained, ‘If I can have penetrative sex during this time, my conscious egg practice is equally if not more gentle to my sacred center”. With that said, the typical suggestion is to wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth to start up your yoni egg practice again.

Still, Yoni Crystals believe that the final decision is always with the mother.

Good question! It is always best to adhere to the side of caution. Before you try becoming pregnant, an egg practice can be a great way to connect to the womb center and energetically prepare the space for new life. If you are currently trying to become pregnant, an external egg practice is recommended because internal work can be overstimulating at this time.

Many of our Affiliates have internal forms of birth control, such as an IUD or a Nuva Ring, and they still use our eggs and wands. These forms of birth control are safe to use while having penetrative sex, which can often be more abrasive to the vaginal tissue than a conscious egg and/or wand practice.

Our recommendation is always to listen to your body and your intuition. Checking before and after your practice to verify your birth control device is still in its proper placement, is always recommended. If you are still concerned, we recommend speaking to your health care professional.

If a woman is experiencing a PH imbalance, a bacterial or yeast infection, she should not use any yoni egg or wands internally. Let the yoni heal. If anything use the crystals externally, on the lower tummy and hips.