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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey

March Mystery Box

Inside, you'll find a rare, unlisted crystal wand, each one handpicked for its unique properties.

These wands are blended minerals like Kind Love, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Warm Honey, offering a variety of colors from deep reds to warm goldens and crystal clear tones. Every wand is different in size and shape, making each box a unique surprise.

With Yoni Crystals sourcing, you can trust you're getting the highest quality for your healing and pleasure desires. 

Ready to add a touch of magic to your life? Order your March Mystery Box today and let the crystal journey begin! What will you receive?


- Increases sensual, sexual energy & passion
- Explore, express & embody creative energy
- Heals physical & emotional trauma in the womb
- Builds yoni strength & pelvic floor (PC) muscle control
- Reduces PMS & menstrual cramps
- Develops a better understanding of female anatomy
- Improves overall health by boost immunity, improve sleep, enhance concentration and reduce stress
- Cultivates feelings of self-worth & connection to oneself
- To awaken your yoniverse