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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey

Moonstone Quartz Yoni Orb

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The Moonstone Quartz Yoni Orb is intended for external yoni use. By sitting in lotus position and pressing the orb against your root the crystal offers you a deep grounding and healing frequency without going inside your yoni. It can also be enjoyed in bed while you sleep or in the bath with while you soak. Simply let it rest at the opening of your yoni and feel its weight radiating energy.

Energetics:An ancient stone that is gentle, ethereal, and lunar in nature. Revealing of one’s subconscious and unconscious truths in a soft yet powerful way. This gives a sense of balance to emotions and brings clarity. 

A special crystalline formation that appears opalescent, cloudy and milky-white, comes from microscopic inclusions of water that were encased inside the crystal during its growth. This light luminous color creates an opportunity to restore inner balance, cultivate a calm and peaceful space that reflects outwardly. 

It allows one to look deep within themselves for true feelings, especially when linked to love and passion. Supportive through difficult times to help bring clarity and enhance intimacy. A wonderful stone for lucid dreaming, guided direction of energy, visualization, and channeling. From Madagascar.

This mineral can help you:

  • Enhance and mirror unconscious and subconscious feelings
  • Improves communication skills by deepening your ability to listen
  • Opens the channel to freely speak thoughts that one’s been holding back
  • Amplifies creativity and focus
  • Accelerates healing on all levels

Note: Moonstone Quartz is not Moonstone but named such for the optical resemblances.

Moonstone Quartz Orb measures: Radius 3" across

*Crystals will vary slightly in size, up to 3.5", shape and coloration.


- Increases sensual, sexual energy & passion
- Explore, express & embody creative energy
- Heals physical & emotional trauma in the womb
- Builds yoni strength & pelvic floor (PC) muscle control
- Reduces PMS & menstrual cramps
- Develops a better understanding of female anatomy
- Improves overall health by boost immunity, improve sleep, enhance concentration and reduce stress
- Cultivates feelings of self-worth & connection to oneself
- To awaken your yoniverse