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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey



Calling all BIPOC, LGBTQ, Differently Abled People, and Sex Workers to the front of the line for this position. If you have a disability, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make the interview process better for you. 

We’re currently seeking to hire apart-to-full-time Fulfillment + Logistics  Manager who will be responsible for overseeing all Yoni Crystals fulfillment and shipment logistics.  This is anin person position available to qualified candidates with a reliable means of transportation in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area. 

Could this be you...

You have experience in inventory management as well as in-depth knowledge of shipping and handling processes from an e-commerce lens. You are naturally organized, thorough and neat, with a passion for the care and energetics of crystals. You are inspired when your heart is behind a larger mission and can do anything you put your mind to. Alignment with a bigger purpose in life is everything for you and how you show up in the world. You are called to support the movement of sexual wellness and that has led you here.

You are...

  • highly intuitive
  • analytical and organized
  • good with tiny details
  • optimistic but realistic
  • a great communicator
  • a natural leader and self starter
  • personable
  • tech-savvy
  • exceptional with time management
  • wonderful willingness to go the extra mile 
  • confident and comfortable with cell phone photography 
  • able to see “holes” in processes and create well-thought-out solutions
  • confident with self-managing and multitasking in a fast-paced environment
  • understand shipping dynamics 
  • hyper-efficient
  • very resourceful
  • empowered to listen to your inner knowing
  • doing your own ancestral healing work
  • able to hold profound space for inner and outer growth
  • able to grasp a Yoni Crystals mission easily
  • willing to make mistakes and bounce back quickly
  • adaptable and ambitious
  • used to reading everything thoroughly before responding
  • humble 
  • trustworthy
  • understand the value of sexual liberation 
  • aware of and in tune to the yoniverse
  • dedicated to your spiritual & self-care practice so you can keep balanced 
  • care about creating a culture of inclusivity and are knowledgeable about social justice and reform

    Did we basically just describe you? If so, keep reading…

    You absolutelymust have experience with:

    ✅ High-level shipping, fulfillment and inventory management 

    ✅ Organizing, tracking and managing digital orders on a scheduled basis

    ✅ In-depth admin tasks/management

    ✅ Managing day-to-day execution of shipping and handling needs

    ✅ Supporting content and/or product launches

    ✅ Experience communicating directly with shipping services via phone and email to solve problems

    ✅ Google Drive, Docs, Sheets

    ✅ Virtual Assistant support & tasks

    ✅ Social Media and digital content creation

    Being a team player with high communication skills, including  being  able to receive constructive feedback

    Our ideal candidate is someone who also has an understanding of Crystal Healing and sees the value and importance of this role of shipping the crystals to all of the yonis as well as creatively & digitally documenting some of the behind-the-scenes of YC ! Someone who is active in the wellness, social justice, spiritual community while being proactive and knowledgeable about what it takes to run and manage a successful online business. This is the front-line shipping and receiving role of all of our incredible crystals. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in joining a conscious and ethical online business in the industry of womxn's health and wellness! Also note this role includes through teaching of our crystalline energetic practices and procedures. 

    Extra points if you have experience with:

    • Selling physical or digital products for your own business or on behalf of a company
    • Logistics of physical products inventory and high-level time management 
    • Using Shopify
    • Using Helpscout
    • Using Slack
    • Working with a lifestyle brand
    • Identifying, facilitating, and coordinating collaboration opportunities with: 
      • Social media influencers
      • Public relations/media personal 
      • Podcast interviewers
      • Feature and guest articles
      • Brand affiliates
    • Creating and/or editing digital content for Instagram and email marketing campaigns
    • Working for an online company or your own business 
    • Working in womxn’s health and/or the sexual wellness industry
    • Personal practice and knowledge of crystals, and crystal heali


    Competitive pay depending on experience

    Access to all Yoni Crystals programs and partners programs in the Love Yourself Collective

    Getting to awaken the yoniverse every day while getting paid

    How to Apply

    If this role sounds like the perfect fit for you and you meet all the requirements listed about, please send an email to us at with Subject Line “Shipping Sorceress 🧙” and all of the information listed below. 

    A Cover letter with details about your fulfillment, shipping and logistics experience, including details about what businesses you’ve built in the past or companies you have worked within the past, share about your experiences there, what you did and the scale of what you were working on.

    1. Attach your resume as a PDF, including a list of 2-3 professional references
    2. At the bottom of your email, copy & paste the italicized description in this job ad that describes the type of person we’re looking for and bold the traits that accurately describe you. Just below this, also copy & paste the "extra points" section and bold the experience you have. Honesty is key! 
    3. To qualify for an interview we require a link to a video introducing yourself and explaining the experience you have that makes you qualified for this position in 1-3 minutes (no fancy editing required). It can be hosted on Google Drive, Dropbox or posted as a private YouTube video, but please make sure Connect@YoniCrystals.Love has access to view it.
    Chelsey is a 6/2 Generator inHuman Design and an Aries ☉ Taurus☽ Gemini Asc. She is seeking a superhero person who wants to fully dedicate themselves to helping Yoni Crystals grow LONG TERM with this role. Make sure your email is concise, personal, and honest. A plus if you mention your Human Design + zodiac signs--