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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


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I discovered Yoni Crystals at the same time as I discovered the ancient arts of Tantra and Taoism, about a decade ago.

I have been able to feel the subtle frequencies of crystals, rocks and other forms of nature since I was little and so it made so much sense to learn that Women of the high courts had been putting crystals inside of their own Vaginas for centuries. These little unique beings are here to help us heal back to wholeness and remember how powerful and worthy of goodness we are.

Over the years of working with Yoni Crystals, the practice has personally supported me to heal the dysfunctional symptoms of complex-PTSD, sexual trauma and ignited a sense of wholeness, wealth and inner union within me.

I have worked with hundreds of women around the globe passing on the sacred arts of feminine embodiment, trauma-informed somatic leadership and the profoundly positive impact of reconnecting with our inner wellspring of Source. Yoni Crystals are themselves great initiators into this remembrance for us all.

It is my honor and my dharma to share the mystical modality of Yoni Crystal activation with you. As we rise and descend deeper into living fully embodied in our whole selves - we unveil that these mysteries were always and forever available for us. They are the magic of the Feminine and they belong to us.

I created a docu-therapy film called COSMIC TOUCH to serve as a permission slip for women around the world to remember the healing power of self-pleasure.

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