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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey



I offer private consultations and group teachings in supporting mind and body with therapeutic grade essential oils, movement, meditation, breathing techniques, and feminine embodiment practices to sustain overall joy and vitality. Highly trained in Taoist and ancient healing arts, aromatherapy, and GROOVE movement, my work has evolved into unique, holistic, and individualized approach to women's emotional and physical wellbeing during lifespan stages, including pregnancy and menopause. Mother of one, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and presently completing a Master's program for licensing in Family and Couple Therapy, I live and work in Manhattan, New York where I had founded my Fragrant Wellness practice. I teach yoni egg classes and other feminine empowerment practices, organize social gatherings for women to connect with each other in a heart-centered manner, offer private online sessions, and facilitate monthly women circles in New York as well as women retreats around the world.

I pledge my life to serving humanity and my path is clear. I have no doubts or hesitation about my purpose in life and because of that I know one thing for sure:

You can have the life you desire and step into your full human potential by accepting and loving yourself first and I would love to show you HOW….

I have done a ton of emotional healing on myself (even though I never thought I needed any). I opened up to forgiveness, having more fulfilling relationships with people in my life, peeling layers of conditioning and masks of inauthenticity, which I never thought was possible. I am convinced that my personal journey led me to step fully into my power both as a woman and a human being and unlocked my full potential that I needed to start living fully, manifesting the life of my dreams.

My favorite Yoni Crystal: Nephrite. I find it to be nourishing and healing at the same time. Nephrite keeps me balanced and grounded. Besides my morning pelvic tilts routine with the egg, I love sleeping with my Nephrite to tap into magical unicorn dreams.