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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey



I'm fell in love with yoni yoga and yoni egg practices at it really helped me to connect deeper with my sexuality, healing shame and becoming more sensitized and orgasmic. For me the practices is so sacred and a time for me to connect deeper with myself every day. I love my jade egg, and the very soft subtle movements that helps me to feel deeper into my yoni.
Cultivating the sexual energy through yoni yoga and egg practice is actually cultivating the sense of feeling alive and radiant. As children we are all so radiant and full of aliveness. As we grow up we slowly get more or less stripped of this natural vibrant life force energy. The yoni practices are cultivating that radiance in me to shine bright once again. Smiling for no reason, singing, dancing, playing. And that feeling of just feeling vibrantly alive, seriously it's better than sexual turn on or orgasm. It is feeling life itself, lifegasm!


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