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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey




I first experienced yoni eggs almost ten years ago. Although yoni eggs are ancient in origin, they had not experienced their recent modern resurgence and so there was very little information, education or resources about them available. By navigating learning on my own, I developed a deep desire to bring this wisdom to other women. I very quickly realized that yoni eggs had the ability to shift and transform my life; and I guessed, the lives of other women. I came to my yoni egg practice when I was a new mother, working full time, and feeling completely cut off from my body, my sexuality and my life in general. What I found in the practice was a connection to my own inner wellspring of sensuality, creativity and potential.

There are now so many teachers and shops offering yoni eggs (yay!) but my personal flavor is one of ease and joy. I want everyday women to find a way in to this transformational practice. I want women to know that this practice has something for everyone. I think of myself as a yoni egg doula; I meet you where you are at and help to show you a way forward. I utilize a variety of methods including yoni eggs and wands, yoni steaming, meditation and movement to help women tap into the goddess inside. My favorite stones to use are smoky quartz (my first egg) and jade because of their balancing, transformational energy.


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