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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey



My name is Ann Marie. I have always been guided by a strong desire to share radiant health, abundant happiness and divine magic. I spent 15 years immersed in yoga and then a few years sharing the wisdom of Tarot when I began getting a strong instinct that there is magic in women's vagina's and I am here at this time to teach them about it. It was after getting this message a few times that I received a email from someone about yoni eggs.

The first time I saw them, I knew that I was meant to learn how to use them and then teach others. I immediately began doing this and my level of self awareness increased immensely. I began to see all of the ways that I was dishonouring myself, and I was actually able to stop dishonouring myself and change the patterns. I began softening and finding self-compassion. An inner well of soothing life force energy began to spring forth. This created massive shifts in my life. My periods stopped being horrendously painful, and I started attracting deeply nourishing friendships and intimate relationships. I felt seen and loved for the first time. My fears around finances slowly unwound themselves. I found myself relaxed and in a state where I could listen to my body and my soul with full permission. People pleasing and fear of rejection became a thing of the past. My yoni became sensitive and alive, love making reached new heights of pleasure.

Over the years of practicing with Yoni Crystals, I use different crystals at different times; I have now opened up to sense of confidence in what I feel giving me a much more embodied and joyful way of navigating this life. I am deeply passionate about sharing this wisdom with other women.

I live in Bali and lead feminine activation immersions here and around the world. However, most of my clients learn from me in the comfort of their own homes as I share mostly online.

Contact Information:

Instagram @magdalinesredemption