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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


Meet Eva Reida ~ Female Pleasure + Abundance Coach and Energy Healer 

Orgasmic Moneyfestation is a potent practice to build your inner fire and alchemize sexual energy to manifest your wildest desires. 

You may wonder why you haven’t heard much about this sacred practice, Orgasmic Moneyfestation, aka “sex magic”, has been a hidden secret since the ancient temples of Egypt, practiced by the high priestesses of Isis initiated in these sacred rituals and only shared it with other initiates within these ancient cultures.

Nowadays sexuality is full of taboo, shame, and guilt and is perceived as being dirty. And in the same breath, money holds a similar shadow to sex. But if we’re being radically honest,  who wouldn’t desire a fulfilling sex life and more money. 😊

Let’s invite your inner pleasure queen to come out and play to bring in more fun and juiciness around sex and money (or anything else that you desire to manifest).

Sex Magic is powerful because it brings the energy from your visualization into the physical dimension. This practice works if it’s a solo self-pleasure experience or a sensual love-making ritual with your partner. And the beauty of sex magic is that it works whether you’re reaching orgasms or not – as long as you allow yourself to be in a state of turn-on and pleasure. The potent energy is more important than the “End Result”. Using a yoni wand or Yoni Crystals in your practice can increase the energetics and enhance the miracle manifestation powers.  

 You can use this potent energy to call in your wildest desires: i.e. money, your dream house, your soulmate(s), or your dream work. There is no limit, you get to decide what you want to create in your life! 

Set a clear intention on what you want to call in and remember to choose wisely because you may just get it. 😉


  • Create a beautiful space for your ritual – make it as juicy as possible: light up some candles, burn some incense, put on some music that get you in a turned on state, prepare some yoni-friendly oil (like coconut oil) or lube and prepare your yoni crystal or wand
  • Relax into your body, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and create this beautiful connection with yourself (and/or with your partner)
  • Be present
  • Connect with your heart and yoni and feel into it what it is that you truly want to call in
  • Get crystal clear on what you desire – allow your yoni and your heart to guide you and remember nothing is too big – allow yourself to be limitless
  • Take your yoni crystal or wand and allow the desire to flow into it and set the intention that it will support your magical practice -supercharge it with your desire!

As with every sacred practice – please make sure that you feel comfortable and safe as possible and treat yourself like a queen. Consider your practice as a gift, an honoring of your desires and the life you desire to create.


  • After the preparation connect with your desire and allow that vision to come into fruition.
  •  Feel into the feeling WHY you want that desire – allow the desire to build up – the money, the dream house/apartment, the relationship, the travel etc
  •  Start getting juicy with it – allow yourself to get into the mood and the sexual energy to build up
  • Play with the yoni crystal/wand and allow the energy to flow through your body – melt even more into pleasure
  • Once the energy is built up connect again with your desire - how would you feel if you’re desire were your reality, what do you see, what do you hear, what do you taste and smell?
  • Allow all senses to indulge into that desire and melt together with the sexual energy
  • Affirming to yourself YES YES YES!
  • Stay with it and release the desire to the universe as you reach you ride the waves of pleasure and let it go – knowing that the universe has your back and takes it from there
  • Rest into your bliss and enjoy the afterglow of this yummy practice

And remember…

Orgasmic Moneyfestation is all about intention, awareness and being present with your body. Sexual energy is the ultimate energy for creation, give yourself permission to call in your most abundant life and make it playful!


Ready to go deeper into the orgasmic moneyfestation and the feminine pleasure practices?

Check out Eva's free PLEASURE QUEEN KIT to create a daily pleasure practice or the self-paced SEX MAGIC COURSE which offers you a practice for an entire moon cycle to connect deeper with your desires and call in the magic. With the code SISTERLOVE you will receive a 20% discount.

And if you prefer an in-person immersion – check out Eva’s offering to the sacred land of Egypt in May 2023 – a divine journey to discover the ancient culture, Egyptian tantra and the magic of remembrance your very own soul.



Eva Reida is an energy healer and a coach for female pleasure and abundance. In her work she combines energy methods like Theta Healing™ with physical embodiment exercises from Tao Tantra.

Her vision is to empower women and help them to reconnect with their divine feminine essence. In a world where performance is still dominating, she is here to remind women that their true power is within - in the intuition, body and spirit. She has been guiding hundreds of women back to their essence, reconnecting them with their truest self, helping them to clear limiting beliefs to regain their joy and pleasure in their body. She is specialized on the topics of femininity, pleasure and money. She offers coaching, workshops and retreats.


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