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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


Meet Kendal Nichole, energy intuitive, hands-on womb worker, Magdalene Priestess & Earth Witch, Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, and Birth Doula.

She shares with us why and how she turns self-pleasure into a psychedelic experience...

Sexual experiences are some of the most pleasurable moments in our human experience, but did you know that there is a deeper, more meaningful layer, beyond just pleasure? That these experiences can be psychedelic in nature, highly transformative, healing, and give you a feeling like you’ve come into a totally new version of yourself? 

One can experience similar moments in a deep psychedelic journey. Perhaps having visions of temples and serpents, cycling through deep grieving cries, hysterical laughter, and full-body orgasms, over and over, through time and space. These are the kind of experiences, and so many more, that can occur in erotic sexual spaces. They allow us to enter internal and external spaces of transformation and oneness.

A deeply transformative experience includes not only an emotional and spiritual aspect but also a physical and chemical component.

The Spirit Molecule 

DMT is a chemical that naturally releases in the body during birth, death, and near-death experiences. It can also be found in plant medicines like ayahuasca. In the book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, DMT release could be stimulated by deep meditation and intense sexual activity. Strassman says, “DMT opens our senses to profound psychedelic experiences [and] it is as if…there is a powerful dynamic or tension between the two roles it may play—one spiritual and the other sexual.” 

Psychedelics can teach us how to surrender into the present moment, about the interconnectedness of life, how to come into deeper contact with our true selves, and to liberate past trauma stored in the body. This is also the magick that can happen in sexual spaces, in vaginal & cervical de-armoring, and in orgasms. When we allow ourselves to experience them, they can be transformational and transcendental experiences.

Yoni Wand & The Cervix Portal

Working with a yoni wand is what truly allowed me to access these deeply transformative states in sexual spaces. Had I not explored this with this practice, I wouldn’t have been able to have these profound experiences with a partner.

Devoting to a de-armoring practice can allow you to liberate pain, tension, and trauma, to create space to access these and you can bring in the breath, sound, and energy circulation to amplify.

The basics:

Begin at the perineum, and going around the labia with the wand, press into any point that is numb, painful, or tense. Press into it, only as deep as your body wants and practice relaxing and isolating the muscles around the wand (relaxation of muscles is key for accessing the states we talked about above). Work with breath, or sound, allow any authentic releases, and as that spot unwinds, press a little deeper with the wand. You can do this until you feel complete.

When you’re ready, insert the wand just about an inch and go around in a circle, doing the same thing with any spot that’s painful or numb or is holding a lot. Then go another inch deeper and do the same. You’ll do this all the way up, and also de-armor the cervix, being gentle if it's painful.

While you can have these transformational experiences with any kind of orgasm, without even touching anything. There’s a deep magick to the cervix, to cervical orgasm, and the profound connection to Spirit that can occur.

As the cervical spine is our gateway to the chakras of higher consciousness, the cervix is also a gateway. It is a portal that quite literally brings souls into form as we birth children. It is the depths of the feminine, the darkness, the mystery. The more we unwind here, the deeper access we have to our intuition and communion with the divine. So imagine what can occur in deep orgasmic experiences here!


The orgasm itself is an altered state of consciousness, whether subtle or a massive shift in our experience of reality. So inherently, the orgasmic state is a shamanic experience. The shamanic state can be described as an altered state of consciousness, a trance state, where you are bridging the realms of earth and Spirit.

These experiences in orgasm, when we allow ourselves to be liberated and experience them, can be profoundly similar to psychedelic experiences in creating space for deep healing.

My most profound, transformational, shamanic sexual experiences have been often accompanied by the cycling of crying, laughter, orgasm, and cycling through these similar to how they might in working with psychedelics. In these spaces at times, you might get internal visions, or externally see colors, gridding, to have an experience of just pure bliss and heart cracked open, or feeling like a completely new person the next day as if you just unlayered years of past pain.

The invitation here is to bring in some of the basics shared here, but most importantly, to let it be an exploration, let this be an ongoing devotion and relationship with you and the divine.

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Kendall Nichole is an energy-intuitive, hands-on womb worker, Magdalene Priestess & Earth Witch, Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, and Birth Doula. She feels passionate about guiding people whose past sexual experiences, pregnancies, or births still impact their relationship with their body to embody deeper confidence and expand their capacity for pleasure, so they can experience intimacy with themselves and Spirit that leads them to a life infused with Magick like they only thought was possible in story books.