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Meet Shabree Moore ~ Purp30 THE Energy Healer, a certified nutritionist and Reiki practitioner and Crystal energy specialist. Here she shares with us about how the Throat Chakra is deeply connected to the yoni... 

A major key to harmonizing our body is realizing the interconnections that exist. The flower of life symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity in everything. I also like to see these connections through the chakra system. Chakras can be defined as concentrated energy centers or wheels of light/energy within our body. These wheels, which are constantly spinning, correlate to a specific color, organ, and physical location in the body.

There are 7 chakras that reside within the physical body starting from the base of the spine; ascending up to the top of the head. These energy centers govern our overall health spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We can look at them all individually and see how certain body parts operate and also see how they function coherently.

For the purpose of this post we're going to focus on the connection of our two lips (Tulips), the yoni and our mouths. The lips we use to communicate with are connected to our throat chakra, and the lips we use to bring life into existence through the womb is known as the sacral chakra. These 2 energy centers not only look alike but have corresponding sensory organs. The yoni biologically referenced as the Cervix is described as "the neck" and Embryologically speaking the throat and the womb develop next to each other and then grow away from each other as the embryo grows.

As a energy healing specialist I help people overcome blockages that may be present in their energy centers that lead to unhealthy habits and ailments. The most common blockage I've found within women, is in the throat and sacral chakra.

The throat chakra also called Vishuddha which means "purest" is said to balance the passage of hormones and aid in the good expression of inner ideas. The symbol for the throat chakra is depicted as a lotus with 16 petals that correspond to 16 Sanskrit vowels. These vishuddha chakra vowels are sometimes called "the language of spirit" because the throat represents the beginning point of consciousness beyond the physical realm.

The sacral chakra also called svadhisthana which means dwelling place of self is associated with Sexuality, creativity, intuition, self-worth, compassion, and flexibility. This is the womb space. The sacral chakra symbol is depicted as a orange lotus with 6 petals. These six petals stand for the six negative aspects of the mind that we can transcend in order to "purify" the sacral chakra. These negative aspects are hatred, anger, jealousy, lust, cruelty, and pride.

These negative aspects are caused by trauma that gets stored in the womb space that we probably don't get to speak about out of shame. Especially, sexual trauma and because these centers have a fascial connection there is bound to be symptoms of blockage within them both. The sacral chakra corresponding sensory organ is the tongue. Once this center gets blocked the energy becomes stagnated in its movement up and out of the throat center. Just like when your mouth and throat relaxes, so does your pelvic floor. You can actually feel it open and soften.

Make it a Practice

To help energetically balance these two centers simultaneously invite more vocalization into your yoni Crystal meditations or even simply adding a hum or moan to their pelvic floor exercises.

This will help stimulate more movement in the womb, clearing up the creative and sensual abilities while allowing the expression to become pure.

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I am Purp30 THE Energy Healer, a holistic wellness practitioner, certified nutritionist, certified reiki practitioner and Crystal energy specialist. I am the owner of WANTS inc, a holistic self care tools and service shop and cofounder of The School of Sauce which is a online metaphysical school for children and their families. I started providing holistic tools and services 6 years ago when I created a detoxifying bath salt line called the BE COLLECTION where each blend was designed to promote healing for each chakra center. I then started making intentional waistbeads to promote body positivity and provide women with a way to connect with their bodies on a spiritual metaphysical level. I have since then added Crystal reiki and energy readings to my service list and have hosted many retreats demonstrating the holistic lifestyle.