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Meet Sydney Zwicker, Holistic Pelvic Health Specialist

The cervix is an important part of our female anatomy, both functionally and energetically. As part of the uterus, she serves as a portal to our deep inner world. She also serves as a boundary. This is why a yoni egg can't get 'lost'. She is the gatekeeper.

She is also highly innervated (lots of nerves - Vagus, Pelvic, Hypogastric). Think of all that energy/electricity. She is a vortex of our reproductive energetic system.

The cervix is associated with full body orgasms and psychedelic like states of being.

When starting to explore the cervix, Many women report feeling very little, and unfortunately, western medicine has often claimed that the cervix feels nothing, which perpetuates this myth.

Your body is highly intelligent!

Did you know that when the female body is fully aroused, the cervix will lift up and out of the way for deeper penetration 🤯.

However, like any part of the body, trauma can lay stored in these tissues. If the cervix gets bumped from a procedure like the LEEP, your annual PAP, or having sex not fully aroused the body will create an amour (or protection).

Numbness through the cervix region is common, not normal. If numbness is your story, know you are not alone, and that everything can heal! Cervical De-armoring is an incredible practice to start to bring back online sensation, awareness, and even pleasure throughout this space.

Whether you explore your cervix with your hands or a tool like a Yoni Wand, slow, curious, body-consensual touch is key. Moving from numbness to pleasure is your birthright. 


Use your Yoni Wand to gently press up against the cervix and hold, breathing in deep breaths down into your pelvic floor, and out slowly allowing your breath to become wave-like. As you continue to breathe, notice any sensations that might be present - tingling, numbness, pleasure, etc as best you can. If any emotions arise, give it the space to release. No judgment! No need to force, push hard, only gentle, soft, and inviting the release to happen on its own if it’s ready.

When your ritual feels complete do some self-care; take a salt bath, self soothe, move your body or whatever feels good! 

We recommend using our newest wand size ✨Deep Magic✨ with an extended length of 2 inches longer than the standard size wand. The extra length allows an easier grip when working internally for Cervical De-armoring, awakening sensation, and for those deeper juicer orgasms. 💦


If you’d like to go deeper + learn more about female anatomy; sign up for Sydney's FREE Embodied Anatomy Mini-Course

Sydney Zwicker is a women's health mentor and pelvic health specialist in Denver, CO. She works with clients both online and in her in-person bodywork practice as a licensed massage therapist and women's pelvic care specialist. Sydney believes there is no one way, nor right way to heal. It's a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of courage. Every person is different. By shedding the stigma of the female-lived experience, we can journey into wholeness. Zwicker Healing Arts   @zwickerhealingarts