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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey



The Winter Solstice approaches. In the Northern hemisphere we’re headed into the darkest and most introspective part of the year. It’s a mysterious and deeply magical time to pause and hear the inner workings of your unique soul blueprint. Our bodies and spirits nestle cozily indoors, and naturally we turn inward. We greet ourselves with warmth. We reflect on the growing and learning and oh the unlearning we’ve experienced throughout the last year.

This month we’re exploring the theme of the “Lunar Womb” because lunar energies are incredibly helpful in supporting us through journeys of the night. This is a powerful time to sit with the womb, where the very mystery of being resides. 

And it’s why we’ve chosen Moonstone Quartz as the crystal ally this month. As 2020 comes to a close, utilizing tools like Moonstone Quartz to shine a reflective light on the recent past, will help to stabilize the experiences into groundwork for transformation and purpose.



This crystal offers a clarifying and illuminating energy to your winter womb practice.

Energetics: Moonstone quartz is an ancient stone with a gentle, ethereal, and lunar nature. It’s energies help to reveal one’s subconscious and unconscious truths in a soft yet powerful way, giving way for emotional clarity and balance. 

Its elements make a special crystalline formation which appears opalescent, cloudy and milky-white. This comes from microscopic inclusions of WATER encased inside the crystal during its growth. 

The presence of water and light within the crystal reflect the inner balance that must be restored for one to cultivate a calm and peaceful space outwardly. It also lends to the stone’s innate connection with the Moon and our emotions, for the moon is continually influencing the presence of water on earth and our emotional experiences.

With energetics that allow one to look deeply within for true feelings, Moonstone Quartz is a gentle and supportive agent through difficult times.

It's also a wonderful stone for lucid dreaming, guided direction of energy, visualization, and channeling. A gentle, subtle powerhouse. 



The energetic properties of Moonstone Quartz can also bring increased awareness of our collective truths as well as our culturally held beliefs. During this season of both hibernation (darkest night) and celebration (the return of the light on Solstice), we’re invited to look beneath the veils to the underlying consciousness in all things. This cultivates our compassion, helps us embody unconditional love and heightens our emotional intelligence. We’re asked to reflect upon what works and what doesn’t, and to re-evaluate based on intuition, emotional clarity, and how we show up in and for the collective. Undoubtedly, we’re in a time where the subtle truths of consciousness are making their way through the dark, to the light of our hearts, where we can decide how to proceed with the newly gained awareness.

Speaking of Wintertime cultural ritual and consciousness expansion, do you know the story of how Santa Claus’s reindeer came to be? It was likely with the aid of amanita muscaria a.k.a magic mushrooms which were ingested by shamans in Siberia, whose mind expanding experience allowed them to watch the deer in their forests fly through the dark winter sky.



We invite you to treat yourself to a nourishing bath or shower with your favorite fragrances, and to reflect on the following questions:

  • What do I hold most dear when I’m in the dark and I don’t know what happens next?

  • What do my emotions have to teach me, when I don’t judge any of them as “bad” or “wrong?”

  • What kinds of thoughts and beliefs help to light the way and what kinds of thoughts and beliefs create obstructions?

  • What things, activities and relationships help me feel more clear and grounded during uncertain times, and what things bring more fog and confusion?

  • Where can I be more gentle with myself?

If you notice a difficulty in answering any of these questions, a great place to turn is toward nourishing your womb, and further developing your womb-centered practices - because the womb is a space where all that’s uncertain is safe to be as it is. 

And also stay tuned to join us for a Winter Solstice Guided Lunar Womb Ritual on Dec 21st.