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We often get asked this important question that compels somewhat of a long-winded answer. Stay with us.

The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) offers a crystal identification certification process through their on-site lab in southern California. Naturally, there's a belief that being “GIA certified” means a crystal is more “qualified” because the certification proves that a particular crystal is the kind of crystal it's claimed to be. If it looks like obsidian, a sample can be sent to the GIA and they will confirm and certify that it is indeed obsidian.

It’s important to note, however, this certification is only valid for the single crystal specimen sample that is sent to the GIA lab. 


Chelsey Lehl, founder of Yoni Crystals spoke extensively with Alison Proctor who works in the lab at the GIA campus, and confirmed that there is no way for the GIA to certify every single crystal that comes out of a mine. 

When a company claims that they’re selling certified yoni eggs, they have only sent one sample to the GIA and only that one sample is certified. 

With all of that said, we wonder if the more relevant question concerning crystal authenticity is “Are we working directly with the mine?” and to this the answer is and will always be an emphatic YES.  

We sincerely believe this to be a more thorough and care intensive promise—that we work with the mines directly to understand the manufacturing process fully and know the source of the crystal itself.

Yoni Crystals has sourced crystals directly from small operation mines since its launch in 2014. Today we continue to form close relationships with small mine owners.

Yoni Crystals is also responsible for performing world class quality control of every batch shipment from the mine. There is no ‘middle man’ in our company. We go directly to the source of the crystals and work only with trustworthy sources.


When Chelsey started buying crystals wholesale she visited mine owners and discovered that the traditional method used to shape the crystals involved a very toxic oil. This oil has become standard in the gem and mineral industry as part of the lapidary (stone carving) process. 

And no wonder—it’s a time and cost effective technique. Using oil significantly speeds up manufacturing. But this means that any carved crystal you buy from a shop will have been shaped with the use of these low-grade oils and are therefore toxic and unsafe for internal use.

When Chelsey learned of this, she made it her heart-and-soul mission to offer completely organic / non-treated gems and minerals for women’s health. Chelsey and the Yoni Crystals team continue working very closely with the mine owners to ensure that the Yoni Crystals quality control protocol is honored and to keep all of the Yoni Crystals safe for our yoni's.

Yoni Crystals also works exclusively with mines that believe in sustainable mining and ethical treatment of their workers and the land they are excavating.  

At Yoni Crystals we believe that every crystal is a living being and must be respected as such throughout the entire process.  We practice exceptionally vigorous quality control to ensure that every crystal we offer meets these standards.

Asking if we are GIA certified is a wonderful question! It shows that you care.

We hope this long answer clears up some of the misconceptions and offers a glimpse into the level of care that we take as well.