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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


We are often told that our crystals carry a special loving energy—we agree. There’s a reason for that… When Yoni Crystals were conceived, the founder Chelsey Lehl knew that her vision to provide crystals for healing meant creating a business with the highest level of ethical and environmental integrity. Healing ourselves means acting responsibly—caring for the wellness of others and the planet. For Chelsey, this meant going above and beyond industry standards in the gem and mineral industry. What makes Yoni Crystals truly unique in the intimacy crystal market is that we’ve put exceptional care and dedication into sourcing our crystals from ethical and sustainable mines. The traditional shaping process for gems and minerals involves using low-grade oils that are toxic when used internally. Most mines do not consider whether the crystals will be used internally because usually, they are not. 


All of our products are made without additives, chemicals or oils. The time it takes to shape our eggs, wands, and orbs is 2-3 times longer than the time it takes using oils. This does add to our costs. But it also adds to our peace of mind—to know that we provide womxn with crystals that are completely safe for internal use. Many mines will also use toxic adhesives to glue fragmented minerals together and shape them into eggs. Yikes. Witnessing this kind of egg on the market is frightening and we don’t take it lightly. Yoni Crystals stands for safety, healing and pleasure. This means knowing that all of the crystals we source and offer to you are in fact completely natural, organic and safe for internal use. We’ve worked directly with the miners and mine owners building relationships since 2014. This allows the founder herself to verify that the crystals are being sustainably harvested from the earth, never with chemicals or explosives. 


These mining operations are small businesses just like Yoni Crystals. Some minerals will take 5-9 months to be excavated and shipped to us but it’s a worthy wait. We work exclusively with mines that treat their workers well and pay them fairly. Knowing that our crystals have been mined and handled by people who are taken care of and can do their work with care and attention is part of what fulfills our mission. This is a crucial promise of our quality control process—we provide our customers with crystals that are ethically mined, energetically clean and chemical-free. Eggs that are being sold very inexpensively may not have the quality control standards we have.


When the crystals arrive in the US we give each one a cleansing salt water bath. In this process, all of the crystals are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any imperfections. During this time the crystals are also downloaded with the original frequency of when they were untouched in the earth. We believe that in order to maintain true healing properties, the crystals themselves must be healed and returned to their original energetic state. Crystal healing is a pivotal component in the sourcing, cleansing and distributing of Yoni Crystals. Beyond the minerals, the Yoni Crystals pouch itself which holds the crystal is also of high integrity. Made from all organic bamboo/cotton fabric, vegan suede and natural dye, we’ve even added selenite crystal to the ink that's printed on them. Each pouch is hand-made in Bali by families with whom we work closely. We see first hand the love and care that goes into each little one. A detailed full-color 40-page guidebook comes with every crystal as well. When Yoni Crystals were conceived, Chelsey wanted every woman to have the information necessary to feel safe and comfortable about using her crystal.

We have made a conscious choice to offer fully sustainable, ethical, organic products. Our slow crystal sourcing and quality control, come from understanding that crystals are a true gift from the earth. They are indeed alive, living Being.

Knowing this, we slow down, breathe and choose to be in integrity with our offering to you—a wonderful healing crystal ally to you and your womb.