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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


What is it that we owe our lives to? What was it that called our bodies into physical form? It’s the most powerful act that all life forms engage in during their time here on this planet. It’s how life begins. You know what it is. 

 It’s sex. 

Considering that the chance of being born has been calculated at about one in 400 trillion, I’d have to say that sex is pretty magical in and of itself. Being alive is a miracle and sex is the magic that makes it possible. So here we are today, brought to you by, yes Sex! I’d certainly like to call sex magical, and yet, most people don’t actually believe they’re “doing magic,” while doingit,right? 

Two rather potent words; what happens when we combine them? 

Sex + Magic. 

When we think of magic, what visions come to mind? Perhaps a deck of cards in the hand of man wearing a three piece suit. Or maybe a gaggle of witches gathered around a steaming black cauldron. Flying rainbow tailed unicorns? 

What if I told you that you are practicing magic everyday?

 Magic is working with the unseen. The unknown. Energy. Every word you speak is magic. Words are spells. This is why it’s called spelling.Magic is said to be separate from science and religion, but this my sisters, it is in fact science. 

When we speak, and we believe what we say, we are creating. Our brains operate much like computers in the sense that when we give commands, and we receive just that. If you are constantly saying that you are a person that always gets a front row parking spot and you see it in your mind’s eye and affirm it every time you get that front row spot — you will continue to follow the blueprint that you’ve created. Is this you? If it’s not, where might you find a bit of magic happening in your life? Remember that if it doesn’t feel good, that doesn’t mean it’s not magic. You’re creating this too. Say it with me, words are spells

 How does this apply to sex? What we’re feeling when we create these spells matters much! If we’re in an uplifted, elevated, blissful place when we cast our spells, you’d better believe they’re much more powerful than the ones without much energy or attention. So imagine, you’re not just “having sex,” you’re truly making love. It’s cosmic, it’s divine, it’s mind-blowing — and you’re experiencing a deep merging while you look into your lover’s eyes and there’s nothing in the world around you, but you and your lover and this divine moment of union while you’re completely in rapture. Can you imagine how powerful it might be to cast a spell at this highest high in human form? There’s a small caveat here. Are you having mind-blowing sex or engaging in cosmic lovemaking? The more powerful your union is, the more powerful the spell. 

 This is the real sex magic

 When you’re practicing the true art of lovemaking, and you’re fully engaged and committed to this divine union; when two souls come together with the knowing that this moment has the potential to create life — approaching each other with deep intentionality andlove, this is an opportunity to create sex magic. 

How do we actually practice sex magic? First, we focus on really making love (whatever that means to you), and then we simply call in what is in our highest and best and of course, the highest and best for those involved — at that moment of bliss. This is how we allow our lovemaking orgasms up-level our lives. 

Speak it into existence. 

Here’s a bold mantra a fellow sex magic practitioner offered to me, “When I cum I increase my income.” Don’t take my word for it. Go make some magic. 


Lana Shay is the co-author the amazon #1 international bestselling book titled, Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex 11 Love Experts Reveal Their Secrets. She’s has been in the adult industry for 12 years and has been a dedicated Tantric Arts practitioner and teacher for over a decade as well. She leads workshops worldwide and online mentorship programs with the intention of bringing purity back to sexuality.