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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


Choosing for YOU between Eggs, Wands and Orbs
The eeny-meeny-miney-mo of Yoni Crystals

It’s your body and your journey… 

Along the journey of self healing, there are many forks in the road. One turn leads you to an exciting new relationship and another leads you to rekindling things with your ex. One turn brings you to a yoga class and another takes you to the cafe for a freshly baked croissant. Each of these choices can be nourishing when you’re connected to and in-tune with yourself. What matters most as you approach the fork in the road is that you trust yourself and honor your unique path.

We’ve all experienced how moment to moment choices can mean the difference between feeling radiant and connected and feeling blocked and stagnant. That’s why so much of our work at Yoni Crystals is to empower you to connect with yourself and your body’s innate intelligence. With a foundation of self knowledge and self love, you will know the right course for YOU. 

Choosing Your Crystal - The Three-Way Fork in the Road

Whether you’re healing trauma, establishing a self-care regimen or wanting to explore different ways of feeling pleasure, your relationship with your yoni crystal practice is deeply personal and we honor that. Both healing your womb and pleasuring yourself are intricate and multifaceted journeys that we suggest every woman approach in her own way. In light of this, we want to share the three shapes we offer for your healing and pleasure at Yoni Crystals.

  1. The Yoni Egg

The yoni egg is a long-adored tool for self-healing, self-pleasure and experiencing the womb and pelvic floor. It is said that the yoni egg practice was developed over 1000 years ago in China by three female advisors of the Yellow Emperor. The Chinese royal dynasty used this modality to cultivate sexual energy and to improve longevity and reproductive health. These benefits are still enjoyed by womxn all over the world today. To learn more about how to use a yoni egg click here and we’ll send you our Sacred Guide Booklet. 

It's common for most to begin their yoni crystal practice working with a yoni egg. However, there is no right or wrong here - we suggest you choose the shape that you are most naturally called to. This usually expresses itself via an instinctual “YES” from the body. Like reaching for a tarot card, or picking a smoothie flavor from the menu—you get the internal hint that THAT is what your body wants. 

2. The Yoni Wand

The Yoni Wand is used to give yourself (or your partner) a sensual yoni massage. Unlike yoni eggs, you still have contact with the crystal while it's inside you. Having contact with the wand gives you the ability to explore areas in and around your yoni that perhaps you haven’t connected with yet—making the wand a powerful tool for pleasure and self discovery. 

Furthermore, you can use the yoni wand to map the yoni. While taking mindful breaths, make slow motions with your yoni wand as you would around the hours on a clock. Taking the wand from the 12:00 area of your vagina to the 1:00 then to the 2:00 and so forth, slowly mapping the entire area and feeling into each spot of your body. Eventually, you may feel a tight place that has pain as is common with a back massage. Just like the rest of the body, there are places in and around the yoni that hold more tension and tightness. In these areas, you can practice what’s called “yoni trigger-point release.” Simply breathe deep nourishing breaths into this part of the body to slowly unwind the tissue. This practice is incredibly healing and allows you to truly listen to what’s happening with your body. 

3. The Yoni Orb

Distinct from the egg and wand which is most often used internally, the yoni orb is intended for external use. Use the orb by sitting in the lotus position and pressing it against your perineum (the space between the vagina and the anus). The crystal orb offers a deep and grounding frequency without going inside your yoni. This can be especially enjoyable if you are called to do womb wellness healing but are not called to insert a crystal into your body. It can be enjoyed in bed while you sleep or in the bath while you soak. Simply let it rest at the opening of your yoni and allow its weight and frequency to radiate healing energy. When you’re complete with this practice the orb makes for a wonderful altar centerpiece. 

We at Yoni Crystals honor you for making your way here to this moment on your path.

We acknowledge that somewhere along the journey, many of us were taught that parts of ourselves were inappropriate, unsafe, messy or taboo and as a result, we became disconnected from our body’s powerful wisdom. But it’s okay because you’re here now. Which means that you’re on the journey to loving your body and yourself more and more every day.

We invite you to explore your temple with these three styles of crystals we offer at Yoni Crystals.

Listen for your internal “YES,” and remember that sometimes just tuning in and listening can unlock the next layer of pleasure and healing that’s available to you.