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Meet Nadine Lee, Founder of Tantric Alchemy  teacher of the Feminine Tantric Arts.

Did you know that the key to unlocking different aspects of your erotic embodiment is found literally in your yoni, yes that is correct. Different erotic archetypes dwell in different parts of your yoni. And with specific intentional self-pleasure practices, we can unlock these parts of you to unleash the sex goddess within.

The first archetype is themaiden, and she lives in the clitoris. The maiden is all about ourerotic innocence, our sexual purity, and our full trust in life. This archetype usually gets suppressed when we havelost connection to our erotic innocence through being entered without the full presence of love and respect. We can explore this archetype through a self-pleasure practice focusing on the clitoris.

The maiden archetype is the part of us that is deeply connected to our erotic innocence and has full trust in love. It is the aspect of us that most commonly gets expressed in our teenage years when we are ‘exploring’ ourselves and this newfound connection to our sexuality. Often though many women are not guided properly through this initiation, and their erotic innocence is stripped of them, usually in some sort of peer pressure way to ‘have sex to be cool’ completely bypassing their sense of self-worth or self-love. 

The maiden is often suppressed because of this, and seen as ‘weak’; because we never actually felt what it felt like to truly feel safe in our erotic innocence and explore that rooted in self-love and worth. 

The clitoris can be seen to be the physical dwelling of the maiden in the body. As it is in the external part of the yoni. And therefore usually associated with our self-pleasure or masturbation when we were young feeling nice sensations from rubbing our clitoris, during our ‘maiden years’. 

Often if we feel shame around our first initial experiences of self-pleasure, this can create disconnection to the pleasure stored in the clitoris. This organ is literally the only organ in the body that is designed purely for pleasure!

The clitoris is also seen as the temple doorbell, to enter into the deeper aspects of our feminine psyche (internally and archetypally) we must first feel the maiden aspect of our being is nourished. Eg. We feel this person entering us truly loves us, creates a sense of safety, and is truly invested in us as a soul being, not just a body.

When we let someone into our yoni temple without honoring the maiden's desires for respect, safety, and true love - we shut down some of the deepest aspects of our feminine yearning. 

A basic self-pleasure practice, to begin with, is using your yoni wand or yoni egg to massage your clitoris, and let the pleasure expand through your body without anywhere to get to. The maiden and clitoris orgasm is about pleasure for the sake of pleasure, with zero agenda or goal.

The next archetype is thewild woman. The wild woman is our connection to ourwild true nature. She helps us express our boundaries, know our worth, express our needs and desires and unlock our creative gifts. This archetype usually gets suppressed when we haveexperienced shame or guilt around our sexuality. We will explore this archetype through embodied dance practice, journaling prompts, and then a self pleasure practice focusing on the g-spot.

The wild woman is our connection to our wild true nature, she helps us express our boundaries, know our worth, express our needs and unlock our fullest creative expression and gifts to the world. She is that unbridled fearless shameless aspect of us that needs no permission from the outside and walks her own path, not caring what anybody thinks of her. 

This archetype is embodied in our g-spot, purely because this is where we experience what we know of as female ejaculation or amrita. This very expression itself is wild and messy, it is a deeper orgasm, a more wild orgasm. Once we feel the safety of the maiden being honored, we can truly begin to explore more of this wild aspect of our sexuality through feeling so safe and held in the relational container. 

The wild woman is not performing, there is no performance-based sexuality when she gets unlocked, for she strips away all those delusions and how she thinks she should be or what she thinks society deems attractive, and rather shows up in her pure raw primal power, ruthless and raw; and she surrenders to however the erotic energy wants to move through her, with zero shame. 

This wild aspect of us usually gets suppressed and shut down when we have experienced some level of shame or guilt around our sexuality and expression. And when we can heal this through g-spot self-pleasure, we unlock the wild woman archetype and our wild aspect, which simultaneously unlocks our deepest gifts that long to be expressed. This is why the keys to unlocking your gifts do not dwell in textbooks or theories, but rather - in your body. 


A basic self-pleasure practice to unlock your wild woman, is using your yoni wand to gently massage your g-spot. Slide the wand in and out focusing on the g-spot, breathing deeply, letting sound arise, letting all the wild emotions surface. 

The next archetype is themystic, she lives in the cervix. The mystic holds our connection to aknowing beyond the physical form and limitations of time and space. She helps us see pure truth, speak embodied wisdom, trust our intuition, become who we truly are not who we think we are, andyield magic in our life. This archetype usually gets suppressed when we have experienced shut down around oursensitivity and empathy. We will explore this archetype through embodied dance practice, journaling prompts, and then a self-pleasure practice focusing on the cervix.

If you think about the cervix on a physical level, it is the bridge between the external world, the conscious (yoni canal), and the internal world, the unconscious (the womb); therefore it is linked to the Mystic archetype, who knows how to dance between worlds and consciousness. 

The Mystic is the aspect of our being that sees beyond the illusion of the mundane world because she knows she is connected to something deeper and beyond this physical plane. However, she is not disconnected from the physical plane and living in the clouds. She knows how to dance between the worlds of existence and consciousness.

When the cervix is activated through orgasmic bliss, the mystic within wakes up fully. Cervical orgasms are often associated with psychedelic or transcendental orgasms, you may see visions, shapes, and colors and have a full-blown experience. These orgasms connect you to higher levels of consciousness through ecstatic bliss .. and remind you of who you truly are. 

The cervix, for this reason, is often very sensitive, for two reasons, it often doesn’t get massaged because of its depth, and/or maybe you have been entered too fast or hard and it has actually been bruised.  So to de-armor and activate pleasure here we can use either our fingertip or more effectively a yoni wand; and this is the practice we will do in this module; cervix de-armoring and awakening. 

What usually blocks the mystic archetype and thus creates tension or pain in the cervix itself, is usually being shamed or wronged for our intuition, our supernatural abilities, and our sensitivities. This normally happens as a young child, from adults who are frightened by how clearly you can see through to the truth and express and reflect that back to them. 

The cervix is also directly linked to the heart space. So often a lot of emotions can arise when this portal is massaged, this is a good thing, so please allow the emotions to flow as they open you deeper into the depths of your feminine being.

A basic practice to unlock the cervix and mystic archetype is using your yoni wand to massage gently over the cervix, being very gentle and mindful of all the sensations and emotions that arise during this practice.

To go deeper into the erotic archetypes, and erotic awakening. Visit Nadine’s website specifically her Pleasure Principles online course A self-paced online course guided by Nadine Lee through the Erotic Archetypes, self-pleasure practices, and the Jade Egg practice.








Nadine Lee is the founder of Tantric Alchemy, teacher of the Feminine Tantric Arts. Avant-Garde of Embodied Feminine Leadership. Devoted lover and sexual liberator. At the core of her work she is here to expand you on every possible level. She offers online courses, mentorships and leadership trainings for women around the globe that aim to support the death of what no longer serves you, in order to rebirth into the woman you came here to be. She will help ignite the erotic fire and guide you to channel this potent creative force into your highest creative expression. Website: IG: @tantric.alchemy_ Facebook: Offerings:

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