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Eat, Rest, Love; How to balance the 3 pillars of health

Meet  Katie Shaw a Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach with training in Somatic Embodiment, Nervous System Regulation, Ayurveda and Tantra. 

The ancient Indian system of holistic medicine, called Ayurveda, has long held the belief that health is a delicate balance of harmony in the mind, body, and spirit. At the core of Ayurvedic philosophy, there are three pillars of health: digestion, sleep, and sex (or sexual energy). 

So, what do all three of these pillars have in common? These are all the core ways in which we feel nourished or receive nourishment. 

Have you ever felt the satisfaction of eating a warm home cooked meal? Or had an amazing restful night's sleep? Ever made love where you felt deeply seen, or perhaps given yourself the time and space for self love-pleasure and felt rejuvenated after? 

It is when we rush through life; skip meals, go to bed late or have unsatisfying/unloving sex that we begin to fall out of balance and we see it reflected in how we feel in our day to day life. 

Let’s explore the significance of these three essential pillars and ways you can begin to tend to and access deep nourishment within your own life and body. 

Pillar 1 Food & Digestion;

A strong digestive fire, or "Agni," is essential for converting food into energy or "Prana" in the body. It’s also responsible for ridding of toxins, and when there is a decreased fire, the body can become overly burdened with toxins. 

Agni not only speaks to our ability to digest food, but alsohow well we digest life’s experiences

The gut-brain axis is connected via the Vagus Nerve; running from the base of the brain, through the heart, lungs, immune, digestive organs and ends at the pelvic floor and the cervix. When we are able to “digest life” well, we can access the parasympathetic part of the nervous system aka the “rest and digest” state.

"Eating the right food at the appropriate time, in the proper environment, and with great love and respect will not only nourish the body, but also the mind and soul"
~ Ayurvedic physician Dr. Vasant Lad


Evaluate this pillar of health:

  • Are you conscious of what and how you consume? Is it stimulating; like coffee or social media? Or is it grounding like root vegetables and being in nature?


Pillar 2 Sleep;

It is said that our day begins the night before, and for good reason. The quality of sleep can impact everything from mental clarity to energy to how well you show up for your life. Ever felt that wired but tired feeling? The one where you feel so tired but just can’t seem to turn off your brain? 

As everything in nature we are aligned by the sun and the moon, these natural circadian rhythms sync with our brains, communicating with the body when it’s time to be awake vs when it's time to sleep. With the invention oftechnology, we’ve gotten a little off track. Eyes take in the blue lights from electronic devices convincing our brains it’s the afternoon even if it’s 10pm at night. This stresses the adrenals and thus throws us into a cycle of not ever feeling being able to feel fully rested. 

Evaluate this pillar of health:

  • Do I feel well rested in the Morning? If not, are there things I could change the night before? 

Pillar 3 Sex;

A vibrant sexual desire is seen as a reflection of overall vitality and hormonal balance. A lack of desire can be indicative of underlying health issues, hormonal issues, unhealed trauma or stress. 

Sexual well-being is not only about physical pleasure and the beautiful hormonal cocktail that floods the body, but more so aboutthe wise use of our sexual energy. In Ayurveda there are no judgments or things seen as good or bad. Merely, it asks the question: how are you using your sexual energy? 

“When a woman feels tuned in to her sacred sexual essence, a new aliveness begins to pulse within her. Her health improves. Her eyes glimmer. And all of creation is at her disposal” 
~ Katie Silcox, Founder of The Shakti School


Evaluate this pillar of health:

  • Do you feel an equal energy exchange is taking place? Do you allow yourself to receive? What were the messages you were given growing up around sexual desire? Do you feel safe?


Having a regular Yoni Crystals practice can play a key role for this pillar of health. Clear any energetic cords that might be hanging around (Obsidian Yoni Egg or Wand is amazing for this) and by accessing the vagus nerve through the pelvic floor and cervix, it will activate parasympathetic activity (remember that rest and digest state above?) increasing Agni, that digestive fire and impact how well we can rest and sleep. 

Tending to these pillars can be seen as an act of re-parenting, bringing conscious awareness and intention to deeply nourishing yourself. It's important to note that as you evaluate these pillars in your own life, that you take into consideration the life circumstances that might have kept you from being able to access these. And as you notice that one is more out of balance than the other, begin with one step at a time. There is no rush or finish line when it comes to self nourishment. 

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Katie Shaw is a certified integrative holistic health coach helping women reverse symptoms naturally.

With  over 10 years of experience in wellness, inspired by her own health journey, Katie Shaw is a Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach with training in Somatic Embodiment, Nervous System Regulation, Ayurveda and Tantra. She specializes in helping women reverse the symptoms that keep them feeling disconnected from their body and the life they're meant to live by guiding them to awaken their inner healer and become the ripest version of themselves.

After living out of alignment for years and owning a business that led to complete burnout, stress, anxiety, autoimmune disease and a whole mess of gut issues is what inspired Katie to go on a journey of self-healing and learn how to teach other women to do the same.