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We’ve been blown away by your support and curiosity on this month's theme of Ancestral Womb Healing. We know it is a loaded topic and can sometimes be overwhelming, so we thought to bring in another perspective to this rich subject. 

We sat down with Liberator of Black Sexuality and incredible Womb Healer, Artheena Regalado of Heart of Milele to share her story with Ancestral Womb healing:


“One of the most significant emotional wounds we will ever experience is usually associated with the relationship of our mother. And for the majority of us, we have no idea who our mothers really are, who they wanted to be, and the struggles they have daily. I come from a long line of teenage mothers. A lineage of women who had to abandon their innocence at a young age and somehow figure out how to provide for themselves and their families, alone. Yep, a long line of Black, single-teenage moms. Only God knows the struggles my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and so on endured trying to survive in America.

They lived and so I am here. And for a long time I operated from the survival instincts my ancestors learned so well. I am grateful for this, however, what quality of life is this? It was making for a very exhausted lifestyle-never resting, desperate, struggling for resources, angry, alone, and confused. All of this in hopes to exist. 

 I often wonder what my grandmother's life would have been like if she had a mom that was given the opportunity to explore her desires, live her life unapologetically and encouraged her to do the same. How would my own mother’s life be different, and in turn mine too. There is a privilege in being able to choose the life you want to live--This was not something that existed in my bloodline. 

 For years I walked around only expecting the bare minimum for myself because that was what I knew. I wanted to break free, but even more so I wanted all the women in my lineage to be free with me. I have spent a lot of time fantasizing about the smiles on their faces. Sometimes, I even hear their laughter. After many prayers, many tears, heartaches and desperation, I was introduced to the concept of womb healing. This is the tool that would liberate us all.


What is womb healing? For me,  it’s a lifestyle centered around aligning the energies of your womb space.. The intention is to return the womb to its natural erotic state as a portal of creativity.  You can do this using intuitive methods like meditation, reiki, massage and sound. In my own practice I also use diet, herbs, and crystals too. The womb is where we collect the energies of past lovers and where we store the impacts of trauma. By consciously working with this area of the body we can release these imprints and begin to form new behaviors and attract new experiences. This is powerful magic!

 Ancestral womb healing extends beyonds ourselves and reaches deep into those emotional and energetic wounds that have been passed down to us. This can relieve us from operating in patterns and behaviors that are not our own, based on trauma that was never healed and stored in our DNA memory. I personally have experienced visions of fear, past heartaches, and even felt that pains of abortions that were not mine. I have been able to relieve all this and more stored inside me by intentionally working with my womb.

 How do you know if you are being impacted by ancestral trauma?

Trust me, you are! And its okay, love. But here are a few signs of how it might be showing up for you:

  • Your relationship with your mother has shifted in way that you now feel responsible for her emotional well being

  • You attract low vibrational relationships 

  • You grew up in a single parent home

  • Your life is goal oriented and you feel hard work and struggle is the key to success

  • Women are a threat, make you feel unsafe, impossible to befriend

  • Pleasure is lacking from your life

  • You are angry all the time without reason

  • Experienced physical or mental abuse

  • Had an abortion or lost a child

  • Often feel abandoned or alone

  • You feel there is more possibility to life

  • Feel unexplained grief and identification with death

  • Memory loss

  • Numbness, lack of intimacy


If you can identify with any of these, know that you are not alone. There are so many ways that ancestral trauma can be felt. It’s important not to condemn yourself for being human, and know that you are supported. Take this as your opportunity to heal yourself and the mothers responsible for your being alive today. Instead of falling deeper into these wounds, I invite you to get curious about these women and begin the healing for lineage past, present, and future. 




The first step would be learning their names, where they are from, what their essence was like. And if you can’t find this out, use your imagination. Explore the reality that these women were real and are living now, through you!

One of my favorite ways to connect with the warrior women of my past is dance. It’s so simple but so powerful. Take notes from traditional dances from some of the world's most ancient cultures. You’ll see them stopping and sweeping their feet, reaching behind them and lifting their hands to the sky in reverence. This is a symbolic way to gesture and invite the ancestors into your energetic fields, waking their spirits and letting them know they are welcome. Don’t be shy! Turn on whatever music makes you feel connected and let your body flow. And as you move, bow to Mother Earth in thanks, throw your hands behind reaching for those behind, stretch right and left gathering those walking with you, and reach for the sky in victory knowing that you are not alone! It may seem silly the first few times. But trust me, you’ve got this! .

Another of my favorite ways to work with my ancestors is through mediation. This helps me feel connected and gain perspective. While laying in a comfortable position close your eyes and start to envision your mother, her mother, your grandmother and so on standing behind you. Start to feel the qualities of their presence and support as you give them permission to exist through you as a collection of your elevated selves; a manifestation of God past and present. Adding touch to your womb, using your hands as an extension of your heart. You can even add this meditation to your Yoni Crystal practice!  I often use this meditation with the support of my Rainbow Obsidian wandas I find it helps ground me while also gently revealing dormant emotions or memories that have not been released. I have healed so much in my lineage with this practice alone.

During my most recent mediation I used these techniques to call on my maternal ancestors and felt inexplicable support. During a time where living in America has belittled my mothering and existence as a black woman, I give infinite thanks for them standing with me now. 



Healing can be as practical as we make it. Instead of accepting the defeat of our suffering, give yourself permission to honor the memory of our ancestors by living the truths they were never allowed to live, claiming the abundance they were discouraged from seeking, and embracing the erocticism we were made to enjoy. All life originates in the womb, let your healing start here too beloved. And as you heal yourself, you heal your mother, your mother’s mother, and so on…



Artheena is a healer located in Southern California and creater of Heart of Milele. Her gifts are rooted in her ability to live her truths unapologetically and create safety for others to do the same. Her passion for this work derives from being a single mother to two beautiful girls and wanting them to live their most pleasurable lives! Using the art of tantra, she has helped men and women release sexual trauma, cultivate pleasure and intimacy and develop emotional intelligence.  

Find out more about her offerings and connect with Artheena 

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