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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


Meet Layla El Khardi, Feminine Leadership Mentor  

As Women, we often feel pressured to suppress our fiery, passionate, and sensual qualities to fit society's narrow view of femininity. However, embracing our "Dark" Feminine side may hold the key to our success. Women who have achieved wealth, love, power, and success have consciously integrated their Dark Feminine in some way. Yoni crystals can aid this process by unlocking our power and helping us become magnetic beings.

The Dark Feminine represents the shadow aspects of the feminine that are often suppressed or shamed. Suppressing these aspects can cause mental and emotional dis-ease and physical illnesses. Ancient masters developed practices to come in contact with the Dark Feminine, such as worshiping Goddesses like Kali and telling tales like the Descent of Innana.



By being willing to go deep and look at the darkness within ourselves, we can unleash our mystical power. Ritual and contemplation, also known as meditation, can aid this process. All that is required is a willingness to be present and connect with our emotions. Take some time to create a cozy place inside or go out to nature where you feel safe, and have a candle, sage or palo santo incense, and a journal to write down your experiences.

Start by dropping into your body and focusing on your breath. When ready, bring up one dark emotion at a time and observe the story attached to it. Feel the emotion without trying to fix or change it. Allow tears or anger to come up, and give yourself permission to move your body, scream, or cry. Smudge yourself with the smoke item, releasing the emotion with a prayer of release. Lastly, take your journal and write freely, capturing the profound insights and wisdom that came up during the process.

Remember never to rush the process; some darkness can take many moons to release. Repeat the practice as necessary and observe how your Dark Feminine side can integrate into your life, unlocking your true potential as a magnetic woman.


Taoist wisdom teaches us to cultivate yin energy, associated with the feminine, and qualities like receptivity and intuition. By balancing our yin and yang energies, we can tap into a sense of flow and harmony that makes us more alluring.

But it's impossible to cultivate anything in a garden that's dry, stuck & filled with fear.

So before we can cultivate our feminine flow, we must release the stagnant energy from our bodies.

For this practice, you need Privacy & comfortable space. Music & obsidian drilled yoni egg.

Obsidian is a black rock well known for absorbing negative & stagnant energy.

In this ancient practice, you must connect with your yoni by breathing consciously in your lower abdomen. Relax your body. Keep the yoni egg in your hand and warm it up. Once you feel ready, insert the egg into your vagina slowly. Never force it inside. Allow the body to take it as slowly as needed.

Once inside, allow the memories of past fear, trauma, or pain to come through you, and keep breathing consciously. Let tears flow if needed.

Do not do any other movement than what the body organically desires. Gentle motion with the hips might help loosen up the fascia.

Memories and trauma are stored in the body-the fascia level. The egg & the gentle movement will allow the charge to release and the body to let go.

Once you feel complete, extract the egg and rest for at least 20 min.

Repeat the practice as many times as you need.


Hindu knowledge offers us the concept of Shakti - the feminine principle of energy and power. By tapping into our own Shakti energy and learning to work with it intentionally, we can become genuinely magnetic beings.

Tantra teaches us to harness our sexual energy for spiritual and personal growth. By learning to embrace our sexuality and work with it intentionally, we can become more confident, radiant, and magnetic.

For this practice, you will need time and private space. Sexy music. A yoni wand of your choice.

This practice is to activate your sexual power.

Turn on some excellent sexy music and move your body as you please.

I recommend going on your knees and starting there, rolling around, caressing yourself & become the sensual dancer of your wildest dreams, just for you.

As you get turned on, make sure to keep connected with your breath and your energy. It's not about how it looks but about how it feels.

When you feel ready, use the wand to self-pleasure. Make sure you go slow, gently & carefully. But also give yourself permission to get as wild as you need.

The whole time keep using your breath to direct the current of energy from your sexual organs through your spine into your heart and mind.

This current of sensation is our power.

Once you finish (whether you orgasm or not is irrelevant), make sure to rest & integrate at least 20 minutes before journaling about your experience.

And then go out and take over the world, darling!

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Hi, I'm Layla.

Like you, I have wondered for most of my life how I would access & embody my highest potential. Because living a life of mediocrity or settling for less than my wildest dreams has never enticed me.

I was born for greatness & so are you.

At 22, I stepped out of the hamster wheel significantly. I left my career in media, my job in TV & my family in Spain to travel to the far east & immerse myself in the Ancient Traditions that dated from before the Patriarchal bs.

I always knew that things got twisted for humanity after a certain time when the agenda to control us (women) and keep our souls playing small became massively institutionalized.

I found answers in Hindu wisdom, Tantric wisdom & Taoist wisdom. I discovered truths that still make my clients & friends drop their jaws when I share with them.

  • Truths about our bodies & their power helped me become healthy & vibrant.
  • Truths about our sexuality & its connection to consciousness lead me to be magnetic & deeply fulfilled.
  • Truths about our minds & their actual abilities lead me to be a prolific creator.
  • Truths about women & men helped me forge strong relationships & a worldwide tribe.
  • Truths about abundance, wealth & prosperity lead me to birth & grow a multi 6-fig business.

It's been a decade of implementing this wisdom & watching my life blossom into abundance, health, beauty, love & wealth!

Today my mission is to share these truths with YOU. Bringing this potent medicine to Women who can sense the presence of the feminine within them & long to awaken her in full glory.