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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey


It is All Hallow’s Eve and the veils between light and dark are thinning. 

Tonight is a night where pain meets pleasure, splendor meets terror and sacred meets profane. It is a night to honor what has passed and uncover the wild hidden truths of who You Are Now.

And in light of uncovering truths, we at Yoni Crystals are called to shed light on some spooky things we’re seeing in the world of women’s health, especially in the gem and mineral industry. 

Tonight is the night that we empower you to know with total confidence, the things that are safe to put into your body, and the things that could be a little freaky…not in a good way. 

As women’s health advocates in pelvic care, we take seriously the level of integrity that’s required for us to offer high-quality crystals. 

We are committed to upholding this level of integrity because we’ve found many uh-ohs (and OH NO’s) out there in the world of yoni products.

Here are the top 5 things we suggest you avoid:

💀1. Inauthentic minerals
Many crystals, and even crystals marketed as yoni eggs, have been dyed or treated often with toxic chemicals that are unsafe for internal use.

At Yoni Crystals we work directly with crystal mine owners to ensure that all of our minerals are indeed authentic—not dyed or treated. There is no middle-man between the source of the crystal and our business. Our sources are of the highest integrity.

💀 2. Toxic minerals
Some minerals are unsafe for internal use in their natural state. Here is a list of minerals that we’ve seen in yoni egg form that are not safe i.e. potentially toxic when used internally: 🚫 Chrysocolla 🚫Fluorite 🚫Labradorite 🚫Lapis Lazuli (contains Pyrite) 🚫Lazurite 🚫Malachite 🚫Selenite 🚫Sunstone 🚫Tiger’s Eye

💀 3. Minerals that have been shaped with the use of oils
The use of low-grade oils is very common in the gem and mineral world in order to shape or otherwise alter a crystal’s natural state into a polished egg shape.

At Yoni Crystals we never use oils, additives or chemicals to shape our crystals. Instead, we use only water to shape them. This takes 2-3 times as long in the manufacturing process but it is important and keeps the crystal as though it were completely untouched.

💀 4. Minerals that have been coated with resins or epoxies
Many yoni eggs on the market have been treated with resins and epoxies in order to fill in cracks and touch up “flaws.”

These fillers are toxic and should not be used internally.
You’ll never find fillers in any of our products. We only ever use water for shaping and refining our crystals.

💀5. Minerals that are not ethically sourced
We at Yoni Crystals believe that minerals that are unethically sourced are the scariest of all.
If the sourcing of a mineral causes harm to others and/or the environment, opt out. How can we have true health if we harm the world around us?

At Yoni Crystals, we are 1000% committed to sourcing our crystals with the highest ethical standards. Every person who helps to source our minerals is paid a fair wage. We work directly with miners and mine owners building these relationships for years. This allows us to verify that the crystals are being sustainably harvested from the earth, never with chemicals or explosives.

Our Promise…

Each of our crystals is given a cleansing salt water bath and programmed back to its natural untouched state—as it was in the earth, before excavation, shaping and shipping. This energetic cleansing plays a key role in how each crystal finds its way to each owner and provides lasting wellness and pleasure.

Honoring your right to choose what to put in your body and to discern what kind of spooky is just too spooky, we at Yoni Crystals wish you a truly magical All Hallow’s Eve.