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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey



My background in resonance therapy amplifies the resonance in the stones, I offer a meditation on my website.

I have been drawn to Yoni egg energy for a long time but all of the ones I would meet felt wrong- thank you Yoni Crystals for providing a safe & beautiful product for me to finally feel good about putting in my body!

A lifetime as a HSP I have had to earn ways to balance my physical, ,mental & spiritual being. As a Practioner for 18 years, the most profound healing modalities & teachings have come through meditation & my personal healing journeys. I have also earned a 1000 hour certification with the Crystalis Institute as a clinical crystal resonance therapist, I was initiated into 4th level Hatun Karpay traditions in Peruvian Cosmology, and learned conscious dying processes, certification through The Crystal Academy of Healing Arts & the lineage of Katrina Raphaell’s teachings of the ancient art of laying on stones, Heartmath® Mentor, Reiki II Practioner, a former massage therapist trained in Shiatsu, as well as  a holistic Esthetician.

Through this work I began to speak my truth, vocalizing the transmissions I receive for the rising consciousness of humanity. Always working in the highest most pure light so that the information empowers our purest essence & light so we can walk this earth with purpose. AND SO IT IS!


Social Media: @SkinGypsy