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Together We Rise


The Yoni Crystals team and community are devastated by the murder of yet another unarmed Black person by police officers, in Minneapolis last week. 

The victim’s name is George Floyd. 

We honor his life as a loving father, a son, a friend, a man connected to God.

George Floyd is one of an unthinkable number of People of Color whose lives were taken at the hands of racism in the U.S, alongside Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery just this year. 

The number of trans Black lives that have been taken is totaling over 10 this year.

This. Must. Stop.

We are deeply saddened by these losses and outraged with the policies that have allowed for this to go on for so long. 

As a White-owned small business, we understand how much of our own work we must do in be an ally in the anti-racism efforts. 

We are committed to listening, learning, and unlearning. 



It is incredibly important to take care of yourself through these times of collective upheaval. 

Dismantling systemic racism is not only social justice work; it is deeply personal shadow work. 

Take care of your mental, emotional, and physical states through this process. 

Know your limits when it comes to media consumption. 

Stay grounded, well-rested, hydrated. 

Commune with your kind and wise ancestors, call upon the Great Mother for support. 

Turn your focus toward being heart-centered and embodied in your connection to your root and sacral energy. 

Listening to your womb space at this time is key. 

Stand in your beautiful courage and relentless integrity. 

Listen carefully and stay present with your breath. 

Your self-love and womb wellness work has prepared you for this. 

Breathe deeply.



We recognize as advocates for womxn’s wellness we have the platform to elevate the BIPOC voices in our community. Our desire is to support the courage that is needed for transformational, deep, and profound healing. If you would like to share your insights, your work, or another BIPOC’s work with us please email us your content here

We understand that now is not the time to be asking BIPOC for anything -especially if it involves time/energy or any sort of labor. So please only consider this if it truly serves you and elevates your voice, business and mission on the planet.



See the sources and resources listed below and do the work.  The time of silence is over. It is not the time to ask BIPOC to help you figure this all out -that is not their job. This is your work.  

VisitBlack Lives Matterto see the comprehensive list of actions to take to end policy brutality:


Here is information and resources for anyone looking into how to engage with the personal work of allyship and anti-racism:


NOTE: These are people, womxn, generous lovers with lives. Please treat them as such. When following new accounts recognize these people are not your personal online educational resource. Enter these spaces open, curious and ready to listen. Consider buying their offerings and materials and make donations to the causes they care about!

Honor your Spirit for choosing to be here during such a monumental time. I see you. Thank you for being willing to contribute your gifts and be part of the solution. Let us go forth and LOVE.


Chelsey & the Yoni Crystals Team