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Intimacy crystals for your unique Self Love Journey

The Living Mythos of the Womb: Archetypes as Pathways to Healing and Wholing

This months sister share come from Halo Seronko of Shakti Temple Arts~


She is in fact the ground of life, and also death. Within her exists everything on the spectrum in between. Through her we can unveil the sacred and begin to know truth in the most intimate way. 

Whatever our soul journey, the womb holds the keys to the unfurling of our essence.

Yoni Crystals and their associated archetypes can assist us in this process! 

In my work and in my own personal life I have witnessed it again and again; the full spectrum of the feminine. I have coined it “the axis of agony and ecstasy” for does not every womb bearer know the agony of this stewardship? And does not every woman know the potential of an ecstasy large enough to dissolve into? It is no simple thing to be a woman. It is no simple thing to have the cycles of life and death dancing through you. But herein lies our power, our passion and our ability to transform for the better. We are changing woman, we are the full spectrum, and our work as womb bearers is to embrace the whole of it! Not just the shiny parts…

When we take the journey into the fullness of the feminine spectrum we reclaim all aspects of the self; we heal and whole the fragmented parts, as this is the journey to the reclamation of our true power, our true passion and our true wisdom.

This is where the realm of the archetypal comes to play, as the womb is a portal to the living mythos of Herstory! When we work with archetypes we are working with larger containers of consciousness that can hold that which our everyday limited perception may struggle to. For instance, when we are working with sexual trauma of any sort, it can be very difficult for the mind to grasp understanding, or for the body to release the imprint. The story can carry so much weight. When we open to the realm of the archetypal we all of the sudden have access to a container that can hold it all! As one of my teachers said so eloquently, “If we put a tablespoon of salt into a cup of water and drink it, it will be intolerable! But if we put that tablespoon of salt into a lake, we will no longer taste it. It is still there, but it has been dissolved into a container large enough that it no longer has an affect.” The truth is, we can’t change what happened to us, we cannot release our past, but we can integrate it and allow it to become a part of our wholeness.

When I work with women in these realms the first place we journey to in the womb is the lap of the Dark Goddess, the Queen of Death, she who is the initiator. 

Why do we begin here, you might ask, when there are so many more pleasurable places we can go in the realm of the womb?

Because until we have integrated all aspects of the self, until we have seen and understood where we are stuck, we will be limited in our ability to surrender, in our ability to feel fully, in our ability to love completely! And so we begin here in the lap of the Dark Mother to know ourselves more fully. This is the realm of Obsidian as a stone of transmutation, and eventually this journey will lead us into the next archetypal face: The Goddess of Love and Beauty!

In this phase we open into our innocence, now more accessible having integrated that which was keeping us from this experience. As we enter into the Goddess of Love we enter the realm of Rose Quartz. Here we connect the heart and the womb and we marry them, allowing them to seek council with one another, to trust one another and to be the bridge into our most sensual self. When we live in the realm of the Goddess of Love our five senses bring us home again and again and again, and the heart and womb blossom in erotic innocence!

Our journey does not end here though, for there is a deeper inner marriage that awaits…

And so we enter the realm of the Empress. Here Jade is the presiding ally stone. The Empress has integrated the Dark Goddess and the Goddess of Love equally. She has harmonized her masculine and feminine, the elementals and senses, and drawn everything into the center of her being. She walks in the world from this place, she speaks from this place, she acts and creates from this place, and because of this her presence and embodiment is a gift to creation!

Our wombs are the access point to these archetypal dimensions, to the living mythos within. The energetic frequencies of particular Yoni Crystals further help to awaken these archetypes and act as keys to unlock them within our bodies, consciousness and lives.

And so it is that we are healed.

And so it is that we are made whole.


She is the founder and lead instructor of Shakti Temple Arts, an international and online school of Temple Dance, Tantra and Taoist Arts for women. She has devoted her life to the cultivation of these arts over the past decade. Her great passion is to awaken women to their full potential and radiance through the keys found in these timeless teachings.


Halo works with private clients to awaken the wisdom, power and healing inherent in the womb, and whole being. Her sessions weave threads from her work in the Taoist Feminine Arts and Yoni Egg Practices, Classical Tantra and Yoga, as well as her studies in the 13 Moon Mystery School. To learn more about Halo’s private sessions click here.



Dive into the system that birthed the Jade Egg practices at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a body of practice that will last a lifetime and nourish your feminine soul from maiden to lover to mother to crone.  To learn more and register for Halo’s online initiation click here.