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Creation Codes


Meet Leyola Antara of The Tantric Rose Mystery School, in her own words she shares some of her most recent Abundance Code offerings. A true gift we hope you enjoy.

All too often I hear people, myself included, use money as an excuse for not following the deeper desires of our souls. We really need to stop giving money the power to dictate what we do and how we create. 

One of the biggest revelations I’ve had about true abundance consciousness.  Is that money is the effect of living passionately on purpose, not the cause. If we desire to live in abundance we would be wise to move our attention away from the effect of money and into deepening our connection to the cause, the source. 

Living in abundance in the new paradigm is all about our relationship to creation. To GOD GODDESS. She is the source.


Gaia is seeded with an innate abundance code.

Nature is seeded with an innate abundance code.

Look at the incredible abundance of a mango tree, in full summer harvest, the flow of abundance is huge. 

The tree does not produce mangos all year. But in order to flower and grow fruits, she maintains her fluid flowing openness to her source of life and light all the time.

As the winter comes, she goes within, she drops her leaves her seeds, she rests, she does not produce and she does not need to produce. She gestates. She waits. She listens and She rests.

Then when she is rested, she sprouts new shoots and begins to create new. It takes a while and then soon enough her mangos are fruiting. Her fruits are not for her. They are her offering to the world. They are her gifts. That nourish humans, birds and bees. 

She gives plentifully and abundantly. She does not live to survive she lives to give. To be.


Well why are we different? Why do we struggle? Is this scarcity consciousness our true design? 

We block the flow of abundance because we are so in denial. We are in denial of our innate interconnection with Gaia with our creator.

When we deny the truth of abundance we are denying God, Goddess Creation. Because God-dess is omnipresent abundance of creation. 

I am called to gather the sacred community together for 11 days for an energetic reset. To lift our vibration and align with the codes of creation.


I am from Australia, but offer many Retreats and Trainings around the world, particularly in Europe and Bali. I have also created an online Mystery School - where I offer deep immersions and training into the Goddess, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union and healing the wounds of love between men and women.

I am a long term teacher of Sacred Sexuality and Ecstatic Embodiment, an author, priestess of the Isis Magdalene lineage, creator of Kundalini Dance. I am a keeper of the Tantric Rose Mystery School, dedicated to the empowerment of the sacred feminine. Receiving teachings from the Isis Magdalene lineage is a journey back into your sensuality, to embody your deep feminine soul.

feel strongly that reclaiming our sexual energy as a sacred energy of the Goddess within us, is a huge evolutionary piece for humanity. While sex and spirit are split we just simply cannot evolve as a species. The disconnection from our sexuality has to be rectified and yoni crystals are a wonderful tool for women to clear past imprints and re-sensitize their sexual organs to experience more ecstatic orgasmic energy through the whole body.



Creation Codes 101 is an 11 day online program, designed to support you to harness the power of creation and re align to your souls divine blueprint. This is about tapping into the Gaia Creation Grid in an embodied way to support you to remember what your soul is here to master as a creator being. You will be offered a ten minute sacred inner union practice each day to inspire you to embody the abundance codes of creation. Here is the link to the course page to sign up and learn more. 

Creation Codes :: An Immersions into Abundance Consciousness.

I am offering it super cheap as this is the first time I release this new body of work. Believe me, I need this as much as you do. There is more creative expression wanting to come through. I look forward to sharing this potent immersion with you!

With Love and Golden Abundance,